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Dr. Michael John Badanek BS, DC, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DMM, CTTP, MSGR/CHEV

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Brain Health Breakthrough

Brain Health Breakthrough

Of the top three costly disorders affecting American citizens Psychosis disorders far lead  Cancer and Heart disease as the number one in cost expenditures currently in this country.  The medical literature estimates roughly sixty eight (68) million Americans here in the USA as sufferers of mental disease(s).  Each and every one of us is being touched with this/these massive mental diseases.   The problem is that we here in the USA have billions of subscriptions issued to consumers yearly with costs in the billions of dollars for little or NO relief of the mental health challenges.   As a matter of statistical fact you are far more prone to have successful suicide OR develop severe aggressive behavior while on this medications.  The current world wide Medical Peer Review literature is now forth coming with these dreadful statistics of the severe contraindications (side effects).  We are going to delve into just a very simple abbreviated discussion of this most serious topic and give you the readers an avenue of hope to turn to effectively treat many of the issues of mental disease.

How important is it to effectively treat conditions such as:

*Stress                                                                                   *Bipolar Disorder
*Anxiety                                                                                 *Autism 
*Depression                                                                           *OCD   
*Mood Swings (Lability)                                                       *Defiance Disorder
*Brain Injury                                                                           *Brain Fog
*ADHD                                                                                     *Memory   
*Psychosis                                                                               *Explosive Rage
*Cognitive Impairment 

These are just some of the mental health challenges that are seeing great responses with a tried and proven natural product that has been in existence for eighteen plus years in Canada and is currently being used throughout the world for the successful treatment of the above mentioned conditions.  

The product has successfully with stood the scrutiny of the Canadian Government FDA in the court system (Canadian Supreme Court) and the judges decision(s) were that the company was not allowed NOT to stop in the production and distribution of the product(s) due to the great success from tens of thousands of Mentally health challenged patients.  World renowed psychiatrists from the USA and Canada testified as to the effective reduction or elimination of many of the mentioned conditions above, to which were not responding in a positive manor with prescription Psychotrophic Medication.  In addition these same physicians testified that they did not have to monitor their patients weekly or bi-weekly for suicidal thoughts, tendencies and explosive rage and destructive behavior(s).   As a matter of fact many of the psychiatrists who testified stated that this formula is going to revolutionalize the field of mental health care and has changed their practices. 

We in the health care industry world wide are finally now realizing with Medical Peer review studies that most if not all of the above Mental Health Challenges are dealing with deficiencies within the body which has a direct influence on mental behavior.   These deficiencies left unattended OR with a person from birth due to a deficiency from mother or father will manifest anytime during ones life.   Remember if there is a nutritional deficiency present long enough it will have a direct influence on hormone and neurotransmitter production which in time will present physical and emotional disease(s).   Our bodies are not drug deficient and you can not mask the problem with blocking receptor sites and shutting down enzymatic reactions without further insult to the condition of concern.  

There is now becoming a paradiam shift of consciousness with the American/World wide consumer and we are now realizing the tragic consequences current medical practices are foisting onto the mentally health challenged.

The risk factors which are now being proven in Medical Peer Review literature are making major changes on the pharmaceutical industry.  The legal liabilities which are now being brought to the surface with these studies show with out a doubt that the medications prescribed have little to NO value in the proper care and treatment of mental conditions.   On the contrary, the contraindications are so severe and life threatening that these industries are shifting their focus on production to medications which have far less legal backlash against them.   And what about all the tragedies in the past decade of children or young adults doing serious crimes.  If you have the ability of investigation the medical histories of these “killers” you would definitely see a pattern of medicines taken at the time or shortly before these heinous crimes to humanity.   

We have been blessed in being able to obtain a wonderful product which is currently being used by over 5000+ physicians through out the world, treating in excess of 100,000+ patients successfully.  There are 22+ published studies on this product to which 14 are Medically Peer Reviewed.  It has an unsurpassed Bio-Availability for absorption with a special 96 Hour Micronization and Nano-Chelation Process.   No other product has ever undergone the scrutiny successfully in the history of Natural Medicine.

As Dr. Charles Popper, Harvard Psychiatrist / Pschopharmachologist states, "The works are historically pivotal in the way Psychiatry will be practiced. Makes no mistake, this is a historic piece of work."

We encourage the readers of this article to contact our office for further information or purchase the product for oneself or loved one. We also encourage the reader to send them message out to everyone you know who may be suffering with these challenges.

Dr. Badanek helps patients with  brain health in Ocala and soon in Tampa Bay. He prides himself in treating patients that are searching for the answers to their health conditions and refuse to give up. Many of his patients present with a variety of chronic conditions: hypothyroid, heart disease, diabetes, gastritis, irritable bowel, constipation, autoimmune disease and numerous other issues. To schedule an appointment in Ocala call 352-622-1151, 727-501-5997 in Tampa Bay or email info@alternativewholistichealth.com for a consultation.






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