Applied Kinesiology

The benefits of treatment by a health professional trained in applied kinesiology are exceptional. The body, rather than the symptoms, is treated, resulting in lasting health.

Within the last few years, Dr. Walter H. Schmitt has restructured the process of applied kinesiology to assist the body in achieving health on a deeper, fuller level. Whereas applied kinesiology looks at the body’s primary presenting symptoms and addresses them through the use of the health triad, Quintessential Applications (Q.A.) helps the body identify past injuries and deep-seated imbalances. By helping the body uncover long forgotten, dormant or near-imperceptible imbalances, a health care provider trained in Q.A. will not only address presenting problems but assist the body in meeting underling needs that might create health problems in the future. Through Q.A., long term optimal health is achieved.

The key difference between applied kinesiology and Q.A. is the diagnostic process. With applied kinesiology the patient’s presenting symptoms trigger the initial diagnostic focus. With Q.A., the presenting symptoms are noted but the diagnostic process begins at a much deeper level and follows a specific path. Without going into extensive detail, the Q.A. process of diagnosis and treatment addresses

  1. Injury recall patterns
  2. Systemic nutritional factors
  3. Systemic structural factors
  4. Electron Transport Chain functions
  5. Heart-focused activities
  6. Systemic endocrine factors
  7. Sources of autonomic dysfunction and GI disturbance
  8. Emotional distress (biochemical, neurological or psychological)
  9. Local (presenting) symptoms


By following this diagnostic and treatment protocol, the body heals fully and completely. Rather than simply managed and controlled, symptoms are eliminated and health is achieved. 

Quintessential Applications

(This Is the Real Deal...)



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"Muscle testing is an important tool in the decision making process of what to do for your patient when confronted by a number of different alternatives."

-Walter H. Schmitt, Jr., D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N.

"I have used the core protocols in the QA manual for several years.  I have seen results that weren’t supposed to be possible... I began expecting amazing things to happen.  This book will show you, step by step, how to create dramatic results, reliably and systematically...the kind of results that get the word around that you are capable of great things." 

--Sam Yanuck, DC

Quintessential Applications: A(K) Clinical Protocol (QA) is a new innovative, neurologically-based, comprehensive 15-session course, utilizing fundamental principles of Applied Kinesiology taught in the context of the basic sciences of neurology and biochemistry.  QA wasdeveloped by Dr.Walter H. Schmitt DC, DIBAK, DABCN. The reference manual, created by co-instructor Kerry McCord Quintessential Applications: A(K) Clinical Protocol, represents the ordered and organized application of all the procedures taught in the Course.



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