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An appointment with Dr. Badanek in Ocala is like going to any new doctor.  It's just possible that you are "Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired", or in acute or chronic pain for a long time, and you want to do something about it.  You may have been to other physicians in the past and have not received the proper care, or were mistreated, misdiagnosed for your current health challenge.  If either one or all cases mentioned above applies to you, your first visit is a very special time for getting to know your doctor and discussing your history, current condition(s) and goals to be attained.

Ocala Functional Medicine Tampa Bay Wellness As with any new doctor's initial visit, you will start by filling out a detailed, comprehensive inpatient intake form(s). Upon meeting with Dr. Badanek, you will discuss your concerns and expectations as well as ask any and all questions you may have regarding your health challenge presented on that date.  He will perform a physical examination after the detailed consultation to gain more insight of your current state of health. Once this is completed, he will look at the overall results of your history of chief complaint(s), conversation and examination.

This initial first meeting usually takes 60-90 minutes in duration and is essential in getting the proper ancillary diagnostic testing procedures prescribed and finding the true cause(s) of your health challenge.

New patient should bring in previous medical records from other physicians, clinics or hospitals. If the patient wants the doctor to go over any or all records being brought in during the initial consultation there will be a fee for this service of interpretation of previous records. This offers a better understanding of your health challenge(s) being presented on your initial visit of consultation with Dr. Badanek. In many cases Dr. Badanek finds many missed and important clues from your past clinical experiences. Dr. Badanek looks at previous testing with a different perspective than traditional physicians and uses many Functional/Integrative models and an array of Alternative Medical Intuition and Training in assessing a differential diagnosis with the patient's chief complaints. If you do not have previous records to be reviewed at the initial consultation that is just fine.

After the initial meeting is completed the patient will be instructed as to what other tests need to be performed and all cost factors are discussed prior to any diagnostic work or treatment protocols established. Dr. Badanek believes that all patients must be aware in advance of what must be performed and why it is being performed. Also Dr. Badanek wants all patient's to know in advance all cost factors to be incurred so the patient can make a non- pressured consent to any and all procedures and treatment protocols. All to often one of the major issues patients state is that they were unaware of the costs and were totally in the dark of not knowing why something was performed.

Dr. Badanek's goal is to empower his patients with knowledge. We will not pressure anyone into any situation in this facility. We will give you the advice and professional opinion(s) on your health challenge(s) and you will decide what is best for you.


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