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Living with pain or chronic conditions? Trying to lose weight in a healthy way? Dr. Michael Badanek at Alternative Holistic Health is dedicated to helping residents of Ocala and North Central Florida by offering clinical nutrition and other services.

What Is Clinical Nutrition?

Do you know what an important role the food you eat plays in your health? It gives you energy, of course, and keeps you alive, but it goes far beyond that. It has the power to heal your body and help you fight off sickness and disease.

To do so, however, you need to eat the right foods to balance the vitamins, minerals, and protein your body needs for optimal health. You also need to eat the foods that give you sustainable energy throughout the day – not temporary energy that causes you to crash later.

This is where clinical nutrition at Alternative Holistic Health comes into play. Dr. Badanek is committed to helping residents of Ocala and North Central Florida learn to eat in such a way that they can naturally fight illness and disease, live a healthy lifestyle, and even reach their ideal weight.

How Can Clinical Nutrition Help?

Clinical nutrition is much more than telling you not to eat too much junk food. It’s actually more personal than that – it helps you understand the best way to eat for yourself. This includes:

  • How many calories you personally need
  • Which nutrients you need more and less of, such as protein, calcium, sodium, and fiber
  • How to choose leaner meats
  • How to eat a variety of foods, including taking in enough vegetables, fruits, and whole grains

These are just a few examples of the information and guidance you can obtain through clinical nutrition. It can help you in the following ways:

  • Fight conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, strokes, certain cancers, and more
  • Improve mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression
  • Improve daily life, including your quality of sleep, energy levels, and physical activity
  • Fight pain and inflammation

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition, living in pain, or want to live a healthier lifestyle in general, clinical nutrition can help. And when it’s used in conjunction with other chiropractic methods, it can take your results to entirely new levels.

Learn more about how clinical nutrition can benefit you in Ocala and North Central Florida by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Badanek. You can reach Alternative Holistic Health by calling (352) 622-1151.


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