Ecclesiastical Medicine

Definition of Ecclesiastical/Monastic Medicine under the confines in the Care and Treatment of the Sick and Health Challenged

As a medico-religious art encompassing health through body-mind-spirit as understood as today’s homeostasis, encompassing a system of beliefs that are based on treatment of God given functions through achieving balance of mind-body-spirit, the removal of internal congestion (detoxification) and the promotion of the body’s own inherent healing powers by all forms of Alternative and Natural Medicine. Ecclesiastical/Monastic Medicine is the sum total of this religious knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, scientific facts, personal beliefs, and experiences indigenous to Christian culture, an intangible cultural heritage, whether explicable or not, used in the restoration and maintenance of health through the Great Chain of Being.

Ecclesiastical Medicine and Monastic Medicine, is a religious, non-secular practice; which utilizes vitalistic, physiological, psychological, current standards of differential diagnostic modalities, mechanical, and laying of hands as modalities of care to the health challenged. We incorporate the use of nature, as in air, water, light, heat, salts and minerals of the earth, phyto-therapeutics, manual manipulation of the body, regulation of the body energies by use of ancient Chinese methods, natural foods, food and herbal samples and extracts together with any and all natural medicines naturally compatible to body processes for maintenance of health and well being of the patient. The liberal use of prayer, dietary (scriptural) reform, sunlight, and exercise and all measures of Natural Medicine provided by God to provide complete repair and homeostasis of the health challenged .

Ecclesiastical/Monastic Medicine includes all the latest in scientific studies and principals of the practice of Alternative/Functional/ Integrative Medicine and maintenance of homeostasis of the body, mind or spirit of a person under the Kingdom of God. As a religious therapeutic, we respect the relationship between psychophysical health and spiritual health and present a model for interpreting connections between medicine, indigenous cultures and traditions, healing, religion and spiritual medicine in world traditions.

Dr. Michael John Badanek DC. BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DMM, MSGR./CHEV.


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