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Dr. Michael Badanek serves North Central Florida and the Ocala, Florida regions with Functional/Integrative Medicine that promotes Alternative and Natural Medicine healing the health challenged with Chronic Diseases of sudden or long term exposure since 1980 (40+ years) to the present date. We promote Natural health care for all patients to live a healthier life. The term Functional and Integrative Medicine refers to the practice of Health Care centered on addressing and treating health challenges from a causation premise NOT addressing and treating symptoms. It provides an individualized treatment plan or protocol which is based on scientific/documented peer review data focused on the patient’s biochemical, genetic, emotional and lifestyle circumstances. We do NOT treat symptoms, but address the root cause(s) of the patient’s health challenge(s).

The Principles involved in Functional/Integrative Natural Medicine are:
-To provide final outcomes for patients health challenges without the need for invasive or pharmacological intervention. The Functional/Integrative Natural Medicine field relies on five overarching principles. Those include:
-That every patient is unique and all health challenges respond differently as to the specific
-Science-bases/Peer Reviewed Medicine works best
-The human body, when give the proper natural substances needed can and will self- regulate.
-The human can and will prevent signs of aging as well as heal itself
-Vitality and health are synonymous.

Functional/Integrative Medicine in Practice assists in the Five Principles mentioned above. Every patient is individually examined, diagnosed and treated by Dr. Badanek. There is NO one shoe fits all criteria when it comes to the patient’s health challenges and treatment plans or protocols in our office. Each patient is unique and special and they are all treated with that same premise; distinct and individual. It has also been noted that many other issues can also resolve while the patient is under specific treatment protocol.

Unique/Special Treatment for Unique/Special Individuals:
Each person’s unique makeup requires that patient have a specific therapy to address their health challenge. Their treatment protocol would differ from another patient due to genetic, biochemical, emotional, endocrine and physiological makeup. Within conditions/health challenges symptoms may vary and Dr. Badanek will taylor a specific treatment plan based on interpretation of Objective valid testing studies performed on that specific patient. We treat the patient’s cause(s) of their complaint with Natural Medicine ONLY. We do not prescribe pharmacological drugs nor due invasive treatment programs at our facility.

Unique Treatment for Unique Individuals sets our office apart from all other offices in our region. The biggest consist complaint that is told to Dr. Badanek or the office staff is that no one listens to the patient with health challenges and no one addresses the causes(s) of the patient’s presenting complaint. Patient’s today are very well aware of the side effects of short or long term prescription medications and they are looking for someone who can diagnosis and guide the patient through their healing process without all the secondary contraindications (side effects) of the medications they are taking. You see a pharmaceutical medication has two effects:
1. Blocking a receptor site on a cell membrane….
2. Shutting down an enzymatic reaction………….
Neither of the two above mentioned reactions correct or heal the body!!

The human being has been on this planet for thousands of years and pharmacies have been around for roughly one hundred years. We have the best health care “systems” in the world, however we as a general population in the USA are one of the sickest races on the planet??

In forty plus years of active clinical practice Dr. Badanek has NEVER charged anyone to consult with him on their clinical health challenges, unless the perspective patient brings in outside testing procedures ordered by other attending physicians for that patient for their initial
complaint. All consultations are courtesy and will stay courtesy and there is never any obligation or force applied to the perspective new patient. You will speak individually and directly to Dr. Badanek and he will outline an initial plan of action for the diagnostic workup prior to any treatment….. You can start with the program OR go home and investigate and ponder whether the suggestions by Dr. Badanek are a means of further identification and care for your complaint.


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