Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

By Dr. Michael Badanek BS, DC, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN

There is an epidemic crisis on the frequency and clinical care and treatment of thyroid conditions in this country today. In my thirty three years of clinical practice of alternative functional medicine I am absolutely amazed at the lack of proper diagnostic procedures and clinical correlation in this regard. It seems as though anyone who has a “thyroid” condition is usually placed on one of two replacement hormones and told to have a good life, in which the real underlying causes of the thyroid dysfunction have never been addressed. You cannot give synthetic T-4 or T-3 hormones without causing other clinical manifestations within a short period of time thereafter. In essence they are just masking the original cause(s) and the underlying complaint is not even being addressed. Therefore, American citizens are becoming very disillusioned and disheartened with the lack of proper clinical evaluation and clinical care with these multiple thyroid manifestations and maladies.

I am going to try to very briefly discuss some of the major concerns I have with thyroid misdiagnosis and mistreatment from a medical/allopathic standpoint. I will discuss very briefly the major thyroid issues and touch on the real causes underlying these issues. The reader must be aware that these thyroid conditions are but a part of many underlying abnormal functions and intertwined with other organ systems which if left unattended to will never eliminate or relieve the patient’s complaining symptoms.

Let’s look at some of the many clinical symptoms presented by patient’s suffering from thyroid health challenges:

*Fatigue * Goiter * Heat Intolerance * Hypertension * Hyperactivity * Menstrual Disorders * Nervousness * Heart Palpitations * Constipation * Hair Loss * Sweating * Weakness * Insomnia * Weight Gain or Loss * Tremors * Elevated Cholesterol * Hoarseness * Eyelid Swelling * Poor Memory * Inability to Concentrate * Hypotension * Infertility * Dry Skin

These clinical symptoms are just many of the chronic complaints patients present with dealing with thyroid dysfunction, and the list is considerably longer than what I have just eluded to.

So what is the patient to do? Well, we know there are many forms of thyroid disease and each one of these conditions needs to be addressed specifically for the causation and not just symptom relief. Let me explain that statement more fully. If a person has laboratory studies performed to correlate with patient complaints and a careful physical examination, the treating physician MUST understand and relate to the patient the cause and treat accordingly. Let’s take for instance hypothyroidism. In Functional Medicine we know this condition can arise from Adrenal Gland problems: Heavy Metal Toxicity: Mineral and Amino Acid Deficiencies: Toxicity of the Liver, Kidneys and Gut: Medicine (Hormones and Drugs): Birth Control Pills: Chronic Illness: Depression of Conversation of T-4 to T-3: Chemotherapy Agents: External Radiation: Antimanic Agents(Lithium): Cytokines (Interferon-A and Interleukin-2): and Soy and Soy Products: just to name some of the underlying problems presenting these hypothyroid conditions.


Does this reader understand that if you have any one or more of the above mentioned conditions presenting in the diagnosis of hypothyroidism, how can dispensing of synthetic T-4 or T-3 hormone have any effect on successfully treating this condition? That is why there is very little to NO success with convential medical treatment protocols with a hypothyroid diagnosis.

These same findings and statements hold true for patients suffering with the other forms of thyroid diagnosis’s of: hyperthyroidism (Graves disease), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Euthyroid disease.

Americans are now becoming aware that traditional allopathic/osteopathic forms of treat of the above mentioned health challenges and all chronic disease states are not responsive to antiquated protocols and there is a paradigm shift or enlightenment of patients wanting physicians who have a deep understanding of Functional Alternative Medicine which encompasses detailed physical examination, requesting proper testing and prescribing correct treatment protocols to treat the causes of disease and not just prescribing pharmacological agents to treat symptoms.

If you or someone you know is currently having issues with the thyroid gland and is unhappy with their current health care then I urge you or they to contact this Dr. Badanek and have a courtesy consultation with he in regard to the current health challenge(s). We have found that the majority of the time there are many areas not addressed with the complaints that perspective patients bring to the office and with taking the time to LISTEN to the patient history of chief complaint(s), many complicated issues get resolved quickly and inexpensively.

Please contact the office at: 352-622-1151 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment and for further information about the Ocala office and Dr. Badanek . Who knows, contacting us could change your life.


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