Hormone Replacement Therapies: The Untold Tru

“Hormone Replacement Therapies: The Untold Truths and Serious Side Effects”
By: Dr. Michael Badanek DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, MSGN./CHEV.

The American consumer/patient has been and is currently been deceived by mass media and large vested interests in the Pharmaceutical industry into believing that exogenious (outside sources) hormone replacement therapies are of great benefit to the wellbeing of the human species. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is unsurmountable medical evidence in peer review medical literature which is being suppressed that hormone replacement therapies are not only unbeneficial but caustic and life threatening. This includes all forms of hormone therapies including bio-identical hormone therapies which also are foreign in nature and have been linked to many health related issues. In my clinical practice of thirty four plus years I have come to the conclusion of the massive corruption and collusion between the drug companies, medical journals and federal regulatory agencies that provided the illusion of scientific legitimacy when the real primary purpose was to increase their sales. We will briefly touch on some of the major issues at hand in this article with this massive deception of the public on this issue with male and female hormone therapies and to the adverse-effects on your wellbeing.

The US Preventive Services Task Force published a draft on recommendations on hormone replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy as preventative strategy against chronic disease is NOT supported by Data! The task force based their new recommendation on reviews and results from nine clinical trials published over the past decade. The main question the group sought to answer was whether or not hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should be used by otherwise healthy menopausal women “to prevent a future health event such as heart disease, osteoporosis, or cognitive decline.” Alas, according to the task force, “There is no evidence that the therapies would prevent those conditions.”

Does HRT (hormone replacement therapy) cause breast cancer? There is suggestive evidence that this is indeed the case. A study reported in the British Telegraph found that as the HRT use in Canada declined, so did the rates of breast cancer. Between 2002 and 2004, HRT use dropped by 7.8%. During that same time period breast cancer dropped by 9.6%. However, there is a twist. The researchers claim that HRT simply speeds up tumor growth, as opposed to directly causing it. Yet according to their statistics there was a decrease of 37% less breast cancer deaths from 1990-2005 attributed to the decreased use of HRT. Let’s you the consumer and reader of this article come to our own conclusion!

Let’s look at the specific Prescriptions and effect on the body.

  1. Premarin. Premarin is an estrogen extracted from Pregnant Mare’s Urine. We now know it is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.
  2. Estrogen Therapy. Estrogen, which is extracted from Premarin, was effective in combating some menopausal symptoms but proved to have serious, negative side effects, such as increased risk of breast cancer and increase in insulin levels.
  3. Provera. This drug is a progestin or synthetic form of progesterone, which probably makes it even more toxic than Premarin. It’s well documented negative side effects include blood clotting.


In addition, long-term usage studies revealed many other negative side effects of HRT, including high blood pressure and vaginal bleeding and breast lactation. And a year after millions of women quit taking hormone replacement therapy, incidents of breast cancer fell dramatically by 7%.

What about Men and their risks taking Testosterone when they really don’t need it?

According to one recent study published in the journal PLoS ONE, men aged 65 and older who took testosterone DOUBLED their risk of having a heart attack within the first three months of use, even if they did not have heart disease prior to starting the therapy. WE now know that there is an inverse direct correlation between insulin and testosterone. If fasting insulin levels are high then testosterone levels will be low, and on the other side of the coin, if fasting insulin levels are low then testosterone levels are usually high.

So in light of all the information mentioned what can we really do to maintain normal healthy levels of hormones for both men and women? Well first of all we can have proper and accurate testing performed to validate hormone levels. You must be aware that 95-97% of all sex hormones are bound to proteins and are inaccurately reported as “active” hormones in blood tests. That’s right, you must check the free forms of hormones, not bound to proteins, to make an accurate diagnosis of excesses or deficiencies. Next, the nutritional status and toxic load status of the human body is also essential to proper viable hormone function. Stress levels, both physical and psychological are also key components to hormone regulation. So in essence prescribing male or female hormones to treat clinical subjective complaints is extremely dangerous with dismal or fatal outcomes.

We are living at a very unique time in human history and must realize that our current state of physical and mental well- being is directly related to excesses, deficiencies and exposes on a day to day basis. You the reader must understand that you are being bombarded daily with conditions that are stressing the human body to its maximum capabilities and must address these insults before the body can function under normal means.

If you or a loved one is experiencing hormonal related issues we urge you to contact our facility to schedule an appointment to consult with Dr. Badanek. We utilize the finest means of diagnosing and treating your conditions with functional/alternative medicine. We do not treat symptoms or mask the cause, but get to the root of the problem to which diagnosed properly and treated effectively results in the reduction or elimination of the presenting symptoms.

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