Conditions Treated


A vague diagnosis indicating chronic and diffuse pains and joint dysfunction throughout the body. There is NO specific test or testing procedure to diagnosis Fibromyalgia, however the diagnosis is usually derived from Subjective complaints. Functional/Integrative Medicine is very successful in the care and treatment of this condition that is employed at our office. Please go to the section on Published Articles on this web site for further details on Fibromyalgia.

Crohn’s Disease:

An autoimmune condition of the intestinal system usually precipitated by “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” Diagnosed by a biopsy of the intestines in question. Treatment is relatively simple; find the causes of the leaky gut from some type of exposure and heal the gut and change lifestyle in the process. Functional/Integrative Medicine which is performed at this office offers hope and care for this devastating health challenge. Please go to the section of Published Articles to find out more about Crohn’s Disease and other autoimmune conditions.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

A condition of inflammation of the G.I. tract. Usually due to exposures to allergies of foods and drink, heavy metal toxicity, genetic predisposition and physical and emotional stresses. The patient usually suffers with chronic diarrhea and has chronic malnutrition due to malabsorption of nutrients. This condition is very easily treated with Integrative/Functional medicine at our office. Go to the section of Published Articles and read further information about this condition.

Ovarian Conditions (PCOS):

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a benign condition of cysts on the ovaries. Diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound and treated UNSUCCESSFULLY by traditional medicine with hormone therapy (Estrogens). A precursor to Ovarian Cancer and Breast and Thyroid Diseases. It is estimated that a large portion of the female public in America experiences this most devastating condition. Many of the symptoms are heavy and uncontrolled bleeding during the menstrual cycle with severe cramping and heavy clotting of discharge. Very easily treated and relieved by Integrative/Functional Medicine at our office. Please go to the Published Articles section on this web site for more information.

Thyroid Conditions:

One of the most missed diagnosed and mistreated conditions affecting Americans today. Most traditional medicine does NOT do a proper evaluations and laboratory workups to properly diagnose the multiple thyroid conditions and treatment is very limited in traditional medicine; primarily synthetic T4 or occasionally T3. Usually associated with fibrocystic breast disease and/or Ovarian conditions and cysts. Very easily diagnosed and treated with great success by Integrative/Functional Medicine at our office. Please go to the Published Articles section for more details on Thyroid Conditions.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

As like Fibromylgia a very vague and misdiagnosed and mistreated condition in traditional medicine today. There is NO specific diagnostic tests available for a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; however traditionally the diagnosis is based on Subjective Complaints. This condition is a symptom of underlying stresses on the body both physical and psychological. We employ a detailed and comprehensive array of traditional and functional studies to identify the etiology (cause/causes) of the conditional and then is easily treated and symptoms relieved by Integrative/Functional Medicine at our office. Please go to the section on Published Articles for more details of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or additional conditions of interest.

Heart Disease:

The number 1 killer of Americans today. The treatment for heart disease is to treat the symptoms and NOT the causes. Many of the traditional medicines used today to treat Americans with Heart Disease actually hasten or cause the conditions of heart disease to occur. Most of the prescribed medicines for Heart Disease cause many side effects, to which one is actually the disease (heart disease) itself. We take a very different approach in the evaluation and clinical care of Heart disease(s) which are very easily treated with Integrative/Functional Medicine at our office. Please go to the Published articles section for greater details on Heart Disease.

Cancer Support and Evaluation:

The number 2 leading cause of death in America today. Traditional treatment protocols treat “tumor(s)” the symptoms of Cancer the disease. Traditional diagnostic testing (biopsies) can actually cause the spread of cancer. We have the newest noninvasive diagnosis procedures to identify Cancers and assist the body in strengthening the weakened immune system during this condition. Integrative/Functional Medicine offers the cancer patient guidance and hope during this most challenging time. Please go to the Published Article section on this web site and read the numerous articles on Cancer.

Prostate Gland Issues (BPH); Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy:

An enlargement of the Prostate gland, this condition proceeds Prostatic Cancer which is the number 2 cause of death of males today from cancer in America next to Lung Cancer being number 1 cause of death due to cancer. A very simple condition which is treated with much success treated by Integrative/Functional Medicine in our office. Please go to the Published Articles section for more details of Prostate conditions or Prostate Cancer.

Breast Conditions:

Breast disease(s) is an epidemic in America today. One in four women will experience breast disease sometime in their life. Breast Cancer is the Number 2 cause of death by cancer in women today in America only be surpassed by Lung Cancer being Number 1. Most women who suffer with Breast conditions or Breast disease also have ovarian conditions and thyroid conditions. There is a common thread which links these three (3) conditions to which plague most American women sometime in their life. Most breast disease is very easily diagnosed and treated and relieved by Integrative/Functional Medicine in our office. Please go to the Published Articles section in this web site and read in much more detail on this topic.

Heavy Metal Toxicity:

A very under looked condition which causes a multitude of health challenges to the American public today. It is one very important issue involved in the causes of suppressed immunity which thus leads to many conditions of the body including: Autoimmune disease(s), Cancers, Brain dysfunction and behavioral disorders just to name a few. We Americans are constantly being exposed to many toxic heavy metals in environment, traditional dentistry, vaccinations and foods and water. Integrative/Functional Medicine helps in finding and addressing Heavy Metal Toxicity load of the patient and can effectively identify and treat Heavy Metal Toxicity and the secondary consequences at our office. Please go to the Published Articles section on this web site and read much more on this topic and related topics.

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections (Evaluation and Clinical Care):

Lyme Disease is a pandemic in many areas of the country today. Caused by a spyrokete similar to syphilis is left unattended can cause devastating consequences to the connective tissue of our bodies. Most traditional medical treatment protocols are inadequate and cannot treat the condition properly. The current traditional means of diagnosis of Lyme disease and Co-Infections are very unreliable. As a matter of fact there are three (3) phases of Lyme disease and once the second and third stages occur traditional medicine has little to NO effect. Integrative/Functional Medicine at our office uses the latest proven diagnostic techniques to diagnosis Lyme disease or the Co-infections and assist the body in treatment of the conditions. Please go to our Published Articles section on this web site and read about Lyme Disease and the Co-infections are greater length.

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease:

One of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed health challenges. It is estimated that 80% of the American public has a sensitivity to Gluten and the cross reaction foods that mimic Gluten. Gluten sensitivity is growing at a rapid rate in America today due to farming methods (pesticides and herbicides). Celiac Disease is the diagnosed advanced form of Gluten sensitivity by tissue biopsy of the gut. Celiac disease is the severe and permanent erosion of the gut villi from chronic exposure of toxic substances of Gluten and cross reaction foods. Integrative/Functional Medicine can help properly diagnose and treat these health challenges at our office to promote a better life. Please go to our Published Article section on this web site for further details and study of this condition.

Autoimmune Conditions:

These health challenges are growing at an epidemic rate in America today. With well- known and documented scientific research in excess of 120 autoimmune diseases in existence today, these conditions are the number 1 issue(s) which precipitates more devastating conditions in all the body systems. It is estimated that 1 out of 3 Americans have some type of Auto-immune reaction occurring in their bodies at any given time. We at our office have the diagnostic tools and treatment protocols to assist the health challenged patient with Autoimmune Conditions. Integrative/Functional Medicine at out office can help in the proper diagnosis and clinical care and treatment of these health challenges. Please go to our Published Articles section on this web site for further study and understanding of Autoimmune Conditions.

Depression and Anxiety:

It is noted that in America today the number 1 prescribed condition treated with prescribed medication is mental illness and disease. Depression and Anxiety are the biggest prescribed mental illnesses in America today encompassing psychotropic drugs as the number 1 prescribed medication in this country. The reality is that Depression and Anxiety are symptoms and NOT a disease. Traditional medicine today does not properly evaluation and test for these conditions so people in America are being improperly medicated without a PROPER working diagnosis based on clinical objective studies. Needless to say that once on these prescription drugs you the patient are on them for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, once prescribed these medications and treatment protocols for mental disease you are “black listed” from ever getting government employment or being able to go to the Arm Forces. Additional clinical conditions of ADD, Autism, ADHD, Bio-polar disorders and the like are also classified with Depression and Anxiety syndromes. These conditions are very easily and effectively diagnosed and treated with Integrative/Functional Medicine. Please go to the Published Articles section of this web site for further information of these and other similar Mental health challenges.


The simple term for Arthritis is the deterioration or break down of the joint surfaces. There are many forms of arthritis which include the normal aging breakdown of the joint surfaces, trauma, autoimmune forms of arthritis and genetic pre-disposition just to name a few of the causes of Arthritis. Traditional medicine treats Arthritis the symptom and does NOT treat nor find the causes of the problem. Traditional therapies today block pain receptor sites with analgesics or cortico-steroids which causes NO repair or treatment of the cause. These traditional means of treatment of the Arthritic conditions is totally futile. As a matter of fact the treatment of traditional medicine today actually enhances the disease even more and in many cases causes organ damage and destruction of the liver and kidneys. Integrative/Functional medicine in our office is very successful in the proper diagnosis and clinical care of patients with arthritis. Please go to the Published Articles section in this web site for further reading and information or Arthritis.


Diabetes is a rampant disease effecting many Americans. One must be aware that there are five (5) different forms of diabetes currently known to man today. As with thyroid disease(s); elevated sugar levels are symptoms of ongoing conditions undiagnosed! The standard traditional medical model of care for elevated sugar (glucose) levels is giving insulin to the patient. One of the most devastating and fastest growing forms of diabetes is insulin resistance. In this form of diabetes insulin is NOT taken into the cells due to cell membrane blocking the insulin-glucose receptor sites. There is also a form of diabetes called Syndrome X, which is an autoimmune condition as with Type 1 diabetes. Traditional medicine treats the symptoms and not the causes of elevated glucose levels which in time have devastating effects on the body. Integrative/Functional medicine performed at Dr. Badanek’s office aids the patient with elevated glucose as to what the cause(s) are and therefore addressing the correct protocol to helping the body regulate the elevated sugar (glucose) levels. We urge you to go to the Published Articles section and read on Diabetes or Sugar dysglycemia for further information prior to scheduling an appointment at our office.

Hormone Imbalance:

One of the most miss diagnosed and mistreated conditions today in America is irregular hormone levels. The body is totally controlled by these substances for all cellular actions and reactions. All body functions are regulated by hormones and in traditional medicine today in America the standard protocols for treatment of hormonal imbalance is to give the body synthetic hormone therapy to treat symptoms. This form of therapy is only treating and masking the symptoms and NOT addressing the cause(s) of the problem. Unfortunately, traditional medicine today does not have desire to address the cause of the condition(s) resulting from hormonal imbalance. Integrative/Functional medicine employed at Dr. Badanek’s office will address the issue of the cause(s) of Hormonal Imbalance and provide the patient with viable options on treatment protocols. Please go to the Published Articles on this web site and read further how Dr. Badanek’s office can help with patient’s with health challenges of Hormone Imbalance and then schedule an appointment for consultation, evaluation and treatment.

Premature Aging:

We have an epidemic of pre-mature aging in America today. We as Americans are being bombarded with severe exposures of environmental pollutants, toxic substances in our foods, water and air, drugs and vaccines, and electro-smog just to name a few causes of advancing the aging process. Our methylation and detoxification pathways for handling these toxic exposures are under severe attack and thereby enhancing and speeding up the aging process. Our Genetic expression is also now under attack with the above mentioned toxic exposures which will accelerate the aging process. Integrative/Functional Medicine at Dr. Badanek’s office addresses the causes of Premature Aging and with the knowledge of what is the causes then a viable treatment protocol can be established and employed to address the issue at hand. Please go to the Published Articles section on this web site and read in more detail on Genomic testing and issues of toxicity of the American public.

Sexual Dysfunction:

One of the most rampant conditions in America today is sexual dysfunction. Americans must realize that sexual dysfunction is a symptom of a far greater condition not being addressed. With the advent of medications of all sorts and toxic exposures both physical and psychological the body protects itself by shutting down NON-ESSENTIAL life activities. Hormones play an essential role for sexual dysfunction and if the organs, organ systems and hormones which regulate sexual function are under attack or lacking the ability to produce the proper hormones for adequate sexual function then the symptoms of sexual dysfunction occurs. Integrative/Functional Medicine performed at Dr. Badanek’s office addresses the causes of the disease or condition and then can provide the patient the viable options and protocols for aiding the body back to normal homeostasis. Please go to the Published articles section and read further on this or any other conditions which effects the body and schedule an appointment for consultation and evaluation.

Support Pathologies (Nutritionally and Diagnostically):

What causes pathologies to occur? Why is the body breaking down and thus presenting with Pathology? Pathology is the end result of years or decades of abuse(s) to the body with then results in the symptoms of Pathology. Factors such as Genetic expression of SNP’s of the genes, Methylation and Detoxification pathways being altered or shut down, emotional stability, chronic toxicity just to name a few of the many underlying issues. Traditional medicine does NOT evaluate or concerns themselves with causes but treats the symptoms of Pathologies. Integrative/Functional medicine at Dr. Badanek’s office believes on finding and supporting the root causes of Pathologies so the body has the ability to help in the healing process. America today is under severe insult with all citizens in the traditional medical model for the diagnosis and care of Pathologies and it is NOT working. Please go to the Published Articles section in this web site and read more on this and many other topics in this regard and schedule and appointment to consult and be evaluated by Dr. Badanek for this or any other condition you or a loved one may be experiencing.


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