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Dr Badanek evaluated me and concluded that I was suffering from heavy metal toxicity and dangerous toxins caused by bacteria from  numerous failed root canals. He referred me to a Biological Dentist who determined that the root canaled teeth (I had 5) were top priority (for removal because of the bacterial load) and then after recovering from the extracted root canaled teeth; I was put on the program to remove the mercury amalgam fillings.

Dr Badanek supervised a detoxification program to help with removing the additional heavy metal that had been deposited in all my organs and soft tissues through out the forty- some years of exposure from amalgam fillings.

The results were phenomenal. I had no idea that my teeth could cause so much damage to my general health. What I supposed was chronic fatigue and or Alzheimer's  was nothing but rotten teeth and cheap fillings!

I had gone to three Dentists and each one had given me a clean bill of “health”. Other Doctors had suggested I was “depressed”. It took a  Chiropractic Physician in Ocala to reveal what was really wrong with me.

I am grateful for the customized treatment I received from Dr Badanek His staff is gracious and caring and I never felt like he rushed through my appointments with him . He listened to every word I said and believed my complaints even though blood tests could not validate my severe lack of energy. Medical tests are good to a point but... if a patient says something is not right they should be respected and the Health Care professional should keep trying to solve the problem instead of writing someone off as being crazy. I thank God that I found that kind of diligence in Dr Badanek.

I am like a new person now. After this two year process I have energy and feel like I can do anything.

I have completed a one year program and acquired my Massage Therapy License. Dr Badanek is my HERO!

I have all my good health back and energy to start my life all over again at age 48!  I feel great,  I am at a good weight, I am on zero medications and have lots of energy .

THANK YOU Dr Badanek!

Michele/48 Ocala

I struggled with feeling sluggish and achy for years. My primary care doctor swore my Thyroid levels were ‘normal’ and told me to take an over the counter iron supplement to boost my energy.

Dr. Badaenk spent over an hour with me on my first visit, took the time to evaluate my old medical records, and ordered more detailed blood work to find the problem with my Thyroid. Using the supplements that he suggested and eating a gluten free diet to restore my gut has made a huge impact on my life.

After 3 month of treating with Dr. B I have my energy back, my joints no longer ache every day and have the energy to play with my kids again.

Jennifer /34  - Ocala

My doctor put me on medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and suggested testosterone. I wanted to enjoy life again and stop worrying about how much longer I would live. 55 did not seem old to me, but I was beginning to feel old.

After numerous suggestions from my wife to see Dr. Badanek I finally agreed. He showed me that the heavy metals levels in my blood were way out or range, probably from work exposure. With treatment, supplements and adding greens and fish to my diet I feel 25 again.

My blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol are fine without medication and I enjoy felling better everyday.

John/55 - The Villages


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