Behavioral and Addictive Condition

Our office employs the very best of a form of Alternative Medicine called Integrative and Functional Medicine testing procedures and treatment protocols to address patients with chronic Addictive Conditions and Behavioral Disorders which is affecting humanity at an alarming rate. There is a alarming increase in both Addictive Conditions and Behavioral Disorders which is causing grave concerns by all Americans and Government Officials in this country and is one of the largest of all cost expenditures effecting health care. We address the issues at hand and find the underlying causes which either caused the condition to occur or will not allow the cycle to be broken to eliminate the condition(s) and symptoms . Our current system of health care for these unfortunate patients is to have symptomatic care and total disregard of the causes. With the use of Integrative and Functional Medicine we can evaluate and find the root causes and therefore treat the patient correctly and not just mask the symptoms. The current healthcare crisis addressing these issues is creating greater anxiety and emotional and physical conditions with the current patients; which in time leads to much more complicated issues. We urge you to stay on this web site and read and study the numerous Articles at the Articles/Publication and BLOG sections of this site which concern you and your health challenges. Schedule an appointment and we look forward in the aid and support of your health concerns.


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