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Our office employs Chiropractic Care and Services for the full range of spinal and extremity ailments which may effect you. Most of the typical Chiropractic Methods of Manipulative care such as: Spinal Manipulation, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Spinal Distraction and Decompression, Applied Kinesology, Cranial-Sacral Techniques and Deep Tissue Massage are incorporated at this office giving the patient the very best in Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols. There are many other underlying conditions which are spinal related that effect the internal organ systems of the body. This terminology is called a somato-visceral reflex reaction; where the nerves of the spinal which innervate all tissues and organs cause dysfunction due to nerve irritation or inflamation. Such conditions of the somato-visceral reflexive reactions include Gastrointestional dysfunction, Urinary tract issues, Reproductive and Endocrine health challenges which is to name just a few of many somato-visceral conditions plaguing Americans today. Needless to say other health challenges we also address with Chiropractic Medicine are; headaches, low back/neck and mid back pains and restricted ranges of motion and spasms, Sciatica, Brachial Neuritis, arthritus, spinal disk conditions (herniations/spinal stenosis/and disk deteriation) to name just a few typical structural spinal conditions. We urge you to continue studying and reading the hundreds of Articles available to you on this web site at the Articles/Publication and BLOG Sections on this site. Also there is a very good presentation of Chiropractic work to also read on this site which helps you to understand your options for Alternative Care for your Health Challenges and Concerns. Schedule an appointment and we look forward in aid and support of your health concerns.


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