Comparison Shopping for Health Care

Health consumers would like to comparison shop for their health care. But access to medical services is government sanctioned and corporate controlled. Most health insurances will only pay for services when performed by an MD. But medical doctors are largely ineffective in treating chronic disease, advising on wellness or nutrition, and safely managing aging in a manner that supports the dignity of older people.

Health care for chronic disease is expensive. MDs have never been part of a solution for reducing the cost of care, but patients with chronic disease are shouldering more of their health care costs while paying higher insurance premiums.

Everyone wants safe and effective therapies at a fair price. No doubt about it, out-of-pocket expenses for those with chronic conditions can be high. Patients will pay if they can, but want more transparency. They want to know what medical services costs. For example, a female patient with suspicious breast cysts by mammography wants to know if her health insurance won’t cover a breast MRI how much will it costs if her naturopathic doctor orders it.

There is an ever-expanding paradigm shift in Florida and throughout the United States of America with health care utilization. There is much more spent with monetary expenditures on non-pharmaceutical preparations vs. prescription medication for the treatment of the health challenged. When 90% of disease conditions are chronic in nature vs. 10% which are acute, most, of not all, prescription preparations are of little to NO value in addressing the elimination of the causes of disease.

America is ranked 37th in the world as far as overall health concerns, yet we spend more money than the total world’s expenditures in health care. Something just isn’t right with that scenario??

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American patients with chronic disease want better value for their health care.

If they can’t get what they need in the U.S., they go elsewhere. Medical tourism is big. For example, off shore cosmetic surgery clinics in the Caribbean and high-tech stem cell therapies in Tijuana are easy to find on the Internet.

You can order genetic drugs online from Canadian pharmacies that broker direct shipping from pharmaceutical manufacturers in India at a fraction of the cost in the U.S.

Dr. Badanek offers upfront pricing to all of his patients in Ocala Florida. If blood work, diagnostic imaging, or other treatments are necessary he explains the procedure and costs to the patient ahead of time. He offers cost effective care for chronic conditions and a straightforward attitude when helping the health challenged.

If you live in Ocala, The Villages, Crystal River or surrounding areas you can make a Functional & Integrative Medicine appointment with Dr. Badanek by calling 352-622-1151 or fill out the appointment request.


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