Female Health Challenges

We employ the latest and most innovative techiques in Integrative and Functional Medicine in the evaluation, diagnosis and clinical care to our female patients. There is a great amount of frustration and apathy among women in America today dealing with their current health issues and those same types of health concerns with their immediate family members. In my career as a health care provider there is no one single class of Americans so misdiagnosed and improperly treated than the American woman. It is appauling of the magnitude of misdiagnosed women with Thyroid Disease/Conditions, Reproductive issues such as PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Fibrocystic Breast Disease and the list goes on and on! Our office addresses issues mentioned above along with Depression, PMS, Insomnia, Sexual dysfunction, Mood and Mental Brain issues, Autoimmune Diseases and so much more that you or a loved one may have or are currently experiencing which have had little to NO success with other forms of health care. We are very concerned as a health care facility to the growing need for optimal Alternative Integrative/Functional Medicine due to the increasing demands of our female population. We urge you to continue on this web site and read the hundreds of Articles written at the Articles/Publication and BLOG Sections on the many health challenges and concerns you are experiencing or that of a loved one. Remember knowledge is POWER and your doctor must take the time and effort to listen carefully to you and your symptoms and use their God given talents to properly evaluate and treat you. Schedule an appointment and we look forward in aid and support of your health concerns.


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