Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases

Are they Preventable and Reversible?

By Dr. Michael Badanek DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DM(P)

The true and overwhelming evidence exists in Medical Peer review articles and published books that not only is heart and cardiovascular diseases preventable, these same underlying causes also cause Allergic and Nonallergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmune diseases. How can the current medical establishment be so totally blind in the evaluation and clinical care of this pandemic affecting all Americans today? Why would the mainstream medical institutions totally ignore and treat patients with outdated and arcayic measures which are known to cause no focus on the cause(s) of the disease, BUT in many cases actually cause the disease to become worse OR create new health challenges for the patient?

We are living in a time in history where there is a new paradyme shift of consciousness by people and the old, outdated and unsuccessful measures of treating diseases are being challenged with an information overload of the truth! Like it or not, Symptoms Based Treatment Protocols by physicians today are now being questioned by patients and patients are now taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing with knowledge of the truth.

So just what is the most important information that the reader of this article should walk away with? One word and one word only is the most informative message to be sent and that is; INFLAMMATION! Inflammation is the major attributing factor in most, if not all, disease states affecting humanity today around the globe. We as humans are living in a very stressful environment and are under constant attack with inflammatory responses in our foods, water, air, dental health care, homes, work places, transportation and unfortunately current medical protocols.

So let’s get back on track with the issue at hand of Heart and Cardiovascular diseases. So if inflammation is the cause of these conditions what is happening with medical treatment protocols. There is a term known as “iatrogenic disease.” You may think of it as some type of rare condition. But the term actually refers to any illness caused by a physician or treatment. It is extremely common. In a typical year, more than a hundred thousand people die from medications they had been prescribed, and more than 2 million others suffer severe side effects. Incredibly, no one knows the number of serious adverse reactions and deaths from prescription medications which are related to over-the-counter medications. Some say in peer review articles that as many as 20,000-30,000 people die each year from taking an aspirin per day due to gastric hemmorage, liver disease and kidney failure. And this is just the tip of the “Iceberg”

Our health care providers of today don’t even take the simple and inexpensive laboratory tests to indicate early signs of upcoming or pending disease. I have found in my office that when patients bring in previous studies performed by their doctor(s), clinics or hospitals that abnormal finds are evident and recorded but the patient is never told about abnormal or questionable findings. Why would any provider take and perform procedures and not sit down and take the time to review ALL the tests performed and educate the patient on how to prevent upcoming health challenges from occurring? Again, it stems from physicians of today treating patients for symptoms based diagnosis’s. Physicians can not generate and fund hospitals, offices and clinics by teaching patients how to stay well with preventable medicine. Simple laboratory tests which should be mandatory for all people to have either yearly or semi-annually would virtually eliminate the horrendous conditions of heart and cardiovascular disease(s).

Just performing inflamatory marker profiles would catch many pending heart diseases and conditions six months to two years before happening…. How about physicians sitting down and talk to their patients who have had heart disease on the prevention of future reoccurences. How often is that done? How about physicians educating their patients on proper intake of foods and nutrients, which is rarely if ever done after the unfortunate event.

Without a doubt the American public is so toxic and nutritionally deficient that is it no wonder why we have so many health challenges affecting us today. Remember, you can not treat the cause(s) of cardiovascular and heart diseases by “blocking a receptor site and shutting (posioning) down an enzymatic reaction” which is the major function of pharmaceutical medication in today’s world. If these medications are taken long enough they will create other conditions OR the patient will need additional medications to counteract the effects of the first medication and finally you become a polypharmacy (many medications) and usually succum to death from conditions caused from the medications taken which were worse than the original condition to which was being treated.

Americans need to wake and take responsibility for their health and health of their family. If you think that taking a “pill” prescribed by your doctor for treating symptoms is going to eliminate the condition(s) you are sadly mistaken and in all probability will become one of those iatrogencic stastics.

If you or a family member is/are currently suffering with heart or cardiovascular disease(s) or any other conditions that have not responded to your satisfaction we urge you to contact our office for a courtesy consultation. We get to the root (cause) of the problem and treat the cause(s) and not mask the symptoms with “symptoms based medicine”. The call and consultation is a courtesy, what have you got to loose, maybe it will change your life.

You can contact Dr. Badanek at his office at: 352-622-1151 or go to his web site at: and read and inspect for yourself what he can do with functional/alternative medicine.


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