How Would You Rate Your Healthcare Provider?

Once upon a time, those who went to doctors were called patients. Now patients are called health consumers. Doctors were once called physicians, wise and caring gatekeepers of our health who intervened on our behalf when we got sick. Now they are called tier one health care providers.

Once there were doctors (MDs) and nurses (RNs). Now, there are so many different licensed health care providers it’s hard to keep track of them all.

In an article in MainSt by S.Z. Berg, health consumers give better ratings to non-physicians to handle their care than traditional M.D.’s. In an interview study of 28,000 patients conducted by Vanguard Communications, patients rated naturopaths as five stars, Osteopathic doctors were close to the top. But internal medicine and family practice M.D.’s were near the bottom.

Patients rave about their chiropractor (D.C.), naturopathic doctor (N.D.), or doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine (D.O.M.) or (D.A.O.M.). They’re okay with nurse practitioners (N.P.) and physician assistants (P.A.), but see them as lower paid extensions of traditional medicine, so no rave reviews for N.P.’s or P.A.’s

Want to understand the blood work for your thyroid condition? Want to look at an MRI and see more than shades of grey? Do you leave your doctor's office with more questions than answers? If you are interested in a doctor in Ocala that treats chronic conditions, spends time with his patients and has rave reviews, then make an appointment with Dr. Michael Badanek today.


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