Drugs With Adverse Reactions

Side effects from drugs are one of the leading dangers to patients. These hazardous side effects do not include allergic reactions or medication dosing errors, but rather the effects of the drugs themselves. Out of the 2.2 million cases of serious adverse reactions to drugs each year, authorities have pinpointed four classes of drugs as being the worst offenders:

Antibiotics: 17 percent
Cardiovascular drugs: 17 percent
Chemotherapy drugs: 15 percent
Analgesics/anti-inflammatory drugs: 15 percent

When a drug is presented to the FDA for approval, the drug company submits a series of studies, often performed by the drug companies themselves or farmed out to scientific consultants who are paid by the drug companies. They include human studies on a limited number of volunteers who take the drug to see if it works as expected and if there are side effects.

What we have learned over the years – and have frequently seen in newspaper headlines – is that after a drug is approved and is being taken by millions of people, new problems associated with the drug suddenly appear.

The General 1 Accounting Office (GAO) found that of 198 drugs approved by the FDA from 1976 through 1985, over 50 percent had serious pos-approval reactions. When I was practicing neurosurgery, I received a drug recall information letter from the FDA at least once a month warning me that a new drug was found to have serious complication not previously discovered.
Increasingly, we are seeing that these serious reactions were discovered during clinical trials and were covered up by pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to get FDA approval. In many cases the pharmaceutical company scientists were the ones presenting the data on the drug in public hearings attended by the unsuspecting public.

Shockingly, FDA scientists were often told by their supervisors not to release the uncovering of serious reactions to the media or public. Why would they do that? Because influential politicians and bureaucrats who receive support from the pharmaceutical companies apply enormous amounts of pressure on scientists within the FDA to play ball, letting them know that their jobs and promotions are at stake.

The FDA tracks drugs after they are approved to see if new problems arise after the drug has been taken by millions of patients. Not only do such problems arise, some are deadly.

Paying for Scientific Studies

Scientists for hire have become such a scandal that some journals require a disclosure of all financial interests to be printed with an article. Not many journals have this policy, which in any case relies solely on the honesty of the authors of the paper. And publication can be extremely important, with ramifications extending far beyond mere academic interest – the pharmaceutical companies quickly realized that having an article in a prestigious medical journal was worth its weight in gold. Once a favorable article was published, they would buy reprints and use them to convince the unsuspecting physician that the drug they were promoting was supported by hard scientific evidence.
A former editor of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell, published an article called “Is Academic Medicine for Sale?” that concluded that the lines between academic medicine and industry have become blurred. Dr. Richard Horton, editor of the prestigious British medical journal Lancet, appeared before the House of Commons and described the relationship between medical journals and the drug industry as being “somewhere between symbiotic and parasitic.”

In many cases, scientific papers are in reality ghostwritten by pharmaceutical company scientists for publication in reputable journals. In one instance, a doctor reported that a pharmaceutical company sent him a paper they had written, and asked him to attach his name to the paper. He refused and was later shocked to discover the very same paper in a well-known medical journal with another doctor’s name on it. This happens often.
I can remember many pharmaceutical detail people (otherwise known as salesmen) coming to my office hawking a drug while shoving a reprint of a journal article in my hand. These are phony studies, yet they are very effective in convincing unsuspecting doctors to use drugs that are often dangerous in their practices.

Female Hormones
In 1939, a special hormone was released called DES (diethylstilbestrol) which was a powerful form of estrogen. In 1948 DES was promoted as a wonder drug for pregnant women. They are told, through their physicians, that DES would make their babies bigger and stronger.

Fifteen years later, studies demonstrated that it was mostly ineffective. The real fright came when it was discovered 30 years after its release that girls born to mothers who took the drug had a very high incidence of vaginal cancer, requiring removal of their female organs. I often wonder what we may learn about the dangerous effects of ultrasound on babies 30 years from now. Also, pregnant women should heed this lesson when they are advised to take the flu vaccine during pregnancy.

In 1942, the Ayerst Pharmaceutical Company released a new form of female hormone called Premarin. It was designed to be a wonder drug to relieve menopausal symptoms. The real marketing breakthrough came with the appearance of an article in Newsweek in January 1964 by Robert A Wilson, M>D. entitled “No More Menopause,” which was followed by his book, Feminine Forever.

Years later, Wilson’s son revealed that Ayerst funded his father’s book and speaking tours. This investment really paid off for Ayerst. Twelve percent of post-menopausal women regularly took the drug. Unfortunately, later studies disclosed that there was a link between Premarin and endometrial cancer, heart disease, and stroke. In 1982 it was also associated with highly invasive breast cancer. Remember, for almost 50 years women trusted their doctors who told them that the drug was safe.

To this day, doctors still prescribed Premarin as the drug of choice for menopausal symptoms. Experts decided that the problem was using estrogens alone. Progesterone was known to suppress growth of breast tissue, so they created the combination products Prempro, a combination of Premarin and medroxyprogesterone acetate, both artificially manufactures products.

In 2,000, studies were conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative to test the drug’s safety. They were halted after two years because of a significant increase in invasive breast cancer, venous thromboembolism, heart attacks, and strokes.

In the meantime a press release, which was carried by all the news services, announced that a study indicated Premarin could protect against Alzheimer’s dementia. Yet, the analysis of the results of the Women’s Health Initiative study found that it actually increased dementia – but this vital news never received the same media attention.

Although it has been known for decades that both Premarin and medroxyprogesterone acetate are broken down in the body into a number of brain damaging metabolites, I have never spoken to a doctor who knows this.

What You Should Know About Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

I have written a lot about statin drugs in other newsletters, so I will just touch on a few points. First, there is extensive evidence that elevated cholesterol, even LDL cholesterol, does not cause atherosclerosis (heart attacks and strokes) by itself. The real cause of atherosclerosis is chronic inflammation in the wall of the blood vessels. Statins do not work by reducing cholesterol – they reduce inflammation and suppress immunity.

When the statin drugs were first developed and released, the makers knew that they decreased coenzyme Q10 production, a vital energy molecule used in every cell in the body, especially muscle cells and brain cells. Manufacturers also knew that statin drugs could cause levels of CoQ10 in muscles to drop so low it could produce a highly fatal condition called rhabdomyolysis. Initially they added CoQ10 to the statin drugs to prevent this, but then they reasoned that this might terrify patients and doctors alike so they quietly removed it. As a result, a large number of patients were harmed and some died. Still, a great many doctors were not aware of this and do not suggest CoQ10 supplements to their patients.

There is evidence that the widespread use of statins is causing an epidemic of heart failure in this country, because coQ10 is absolutely essential to the heart. It is known that low levels of CoQ10 can cause heart failure and that supplementing with CoQ10 can improve the condition of some patients who suffer heart failure.

CoQ10 is also essential to brain function, and increasing number of patients are developing neurological problems even dementia, while on unsafe drugs like statins. Yet, doctors and patients alike have been so brainwashed that prescribing a statin drug is almost a reflex. There are over 45 million people taking these dangerous drugs daily, and they plan to take them for the rest of their lives. This is pharmaceutical company’s dream drug.

Advocates of statins are even proposing that children with even slightly elevated cholesterol levels should take statin drugs their entire lives. This is insane. Significant studies indicate that statins cause cancer or promote the growth of cancer. Patients are never told this and most doctors have never heard of it, yet it is in the medical literature if only they would take the time to read it.

Recently, experts have suggested that the dose of statins be doubled. Even at present doses a dramatic number of patients suffer from clouded thinking, memory loss, muscle weakness and peripheral Neuropathy (numb hands and feet and motor skills loss). If the dose is doubled, the incidence of these complications will rise exponentially, affecting millions more.

If you review the studies that extol the benefits of statin drugs, you will discover that most re written by doctors having admitted ties to pharmaceutical companies. Likewise, thousands of lectures and seminars are constantly being conducted, and tons of educational materials are regularly being distributed to doctors, medical universities, and national medical meetings. The propaganda blitz exceeds anything we have seen before, and the money keeps rolling in.

The Hysteria Over Vaccines

You may remember news reports of long lines of elderly people waiting for hours outside a clinic to get their flu shots. All across the nation, these poor senior citizens were frightened into standing for hours to receive something that was much more dangerous than the flu: a flu vaccine. One recent study found that the elderly who receive the flu shot once a year for five years increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold (1,000 percent). This is because the influenza vaccine contains a full dose of mercury as well as brain damaging aluminum.

At a hospital where I worked, orders for flu shots for all elderly were placed on their charts without the attending doctors’ permission. Patients were jabbed with a hypodermic needle and when they asked what it was, were told it was flu shot. They were furious that no one had asked them if they wanted it.

The government (CHC, Public Health, and NIH) have joined with medical societies to promote flu vaccines, not only for the elderly, but also for children between the ages of 6 months and 18 months, pregnant women, and those between the ages of 18 and 26 years. This is almost the entire nation. What a boom for the manufacturers – guaranteed profits the tune of billions of dollars.

Officials remove the mercury from childhood vaccines because of the overwhelming proof of harm to the developing brain, and then they add it back by giving it to pregnant women and small babies – brilliant! Like the small child, the elderly person’s brain is very vulnerable to mercury, especially the form in vaccines (ethylmercury).

A favorite scare tactic is to announce repeatedly that 36,000 elderly people a year die from the flu. They know this is a lie. If it were true, that would mean that every year as many people are dying as died in the 1963 Hong Kong flu pandemic. In fact, the CDC’s own Web site says that less than 1,000 people a year die from the flu.

Even worse is the knowledge that for the vast majority of people, the flu vaccine does not work. For some unfortunates, it even increases their risk of dying or becoming seriously ill. This is because the vaccine in an immune-depressed person (as is common in the elderly) actually further weakens the immune system, as does mercury. The virus chosen to be included in any given year’s batch of vaccine is nothing but a guess, and studies have shown that most often the guess is wrong.

Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former chief vaccine control officer and research virologist for the FDA stated, “There is no evidence any influenza vaccine is effective…” the producers of these vaccines know they are useless but go on selling them.”

Most people who die from the flu already suffer from a chronic illness, and the vaccine would not have helped them. A recent study reported in the Animals of Internal Medicine looked at the death rates from flu before the flu vaccine program and after. It found that despite massive inoculation of the elderly, their incidence of flu deaths had not changed. Despite the evidence, your doctor has been brainwashed to believe the mantra.

A study of childhood vaccines finds the same thing. Most of the vaccines give no protection after three to five years, and many of the vaccines themselves are dangerous. The H1b vaccine, for instance, can actually make it more likely that your child will develop meningitis, and the same goes for the pneumococcal vaccine. The pertussis vaccine (DTaP and DPT) is associated with a very high incidence of brain injury, including seizures.

Since most doctors know little or nothing about the interrelationship between the body’s immune system and the brain’s special immune system (microglia) they don’t understand that giving a large number of vaccines to a child damage the brain. The extent of the damage depends on a number of factors, including genetics. Studies have shown that the damage can continue for years, and explains the 600 percent increase in autism since the early 1980s. If we include all developmental problems of the brain (learning, memory, behavior, and language problems) the numbers are much higher.

Yet, your doctors know little about the dangers of vaccines because they get their information from the manufacturers of the vaccines or their specialty societies, which often are in the pocket of these companies. The doctors are not even aware that they have been deceived and brainwashed. Most are acting in good faith and believe what they are being told.

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