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Integrative and Functional Medicine is a great asset in the diagnosis and care of Male health issues. This form of Alternative Medicine plays an important role in helping men identify and treat many conditions that plague the male gender with little to no resolve under current traditional Medical Models. Men are getting very disappointed and frustrated with chronic conditions of: Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), Hypertension, Prostatic Problems, Alopecia (Baldness), Heart and Cardiovascular Conditions, Mental cognitive recognition and Depression and Mood swings just to name a few of the many complaints I here at the office on a daily occurence. We feel your pain and frustration and know that there are Alternative measures available to address these issues at our office with no pains and residual side affects compared to many traditional medical treatment protocols. We urge you to continue on this web site and read and study the numerous Articles at the Articles/Publication and BLOG Sections on this web site which deal with your concerns and challenges that directly affect you or your loved one(s). Schedule an appointment and we look forward in aid and support of your health challenges.


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