Physical Wellbeing

How The Physical Wellbeing has Direct Relationship to the Emotional (Pyschological) Stability and Wellbeing

By Dr. Michael Badanek DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN


During my thirty four years of clinical practice in alternativeand functional medicine I am noticing a dramatic increase in the rate of Psychological (Emotional) conditions that are directly proportionate with Physical Disease(s) and dysfunction. The current medical literature states that the number one financial burden as far as cost factors are concerned in medicine is mental disease. This far supercedes Cancer and Heart Disease in the scope of financial drain on our medical monetary resources. But why is this growing pandemic issue taking center stage in the field of medicine. We are going to very briefly examine some major issues which are many of the triggering mechanisms to these ever expanding health challenges.

We are briefly going to focus on three of the many forms of causes of physiological disease directly related to physical issues and toxicity today in the U.S.A.

  1. Gut dysbiosis
  2. Heavy Metal Toxicity
  3. Electro magnetic radiation

Gut dysbiosis with associated increased permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome) is a major factor associated with documented peer review medical literature and abstracts on psychological disease. Conditions such as ADHD, Autism, ADD, Dyslexia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Dyspraxia, poor mental development and behavioural problems have their root causes in Gut Dysbiosis. Gut Dysbiosis can stem from issues in fetal development while in the womb with exposure to toxicity issues directly from the mother and father. Just after birth within the first twenty four hours of life when the lining of the gut is in a sterile state of development issues immediately arise with routine vaccinations laiden with toxic adjavuncts causing defects in the gut wall for increased permeability of proteins resulting in autoimmune reactions mentally and physically. Food for the newborn high in undigestable proteins will cause insult to the gut. Unnecessary medications to the newborn and adult causes issues with the gut, liver, kidneys and finally brain. Hormonal replacement therapy or birth control therapy has a direct bearing on the gut and endocrine system resulting in mental disease. Unfortunately when a patient presents with issues of Gut Dysbiosis traditional medical health care providers don’t even address issues or the past which created (caused) the problem.

Heavy Metal Toxicity is another major attributing factor in mental issues. Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, tin, aluminum, cobalt and cesium are just a few of the major toxic metals plaguing the world population resulting in physical and psychological diseases. Heavy metals derived from foods, air, water, dentistry, power production and manufacturing are ever increasing in these toxic wastes which are absorbed by humans and have a direct influence on physical and mental (emotional) behaviours. When the body is deficient from essential elements it will then take up and replace essential elements with toxic metals to drive the enzymatic chemical reactions occurring in each one of our one hundred trillion cells making up our body. Coupled with hormones these toxic heavy metals will cause issues which will affect the brain and rest of the body from preforming normal function. It has been documented in the legal arena on many occasions that mercury is without a doubt directly involved with autism. Coupled with testosterone, mercury becomes a very severe neurotoxin thus resulting in neurological dysfunction (autism and learning spectrum disorders). As a matter of fact if we look at ten children with autism eight to nine or more of these children will be male in gender. We know that mercury is greatly increased in virulence with testosterone while estrogen suppresses mercury’s virulence. The remaining toxic metals also cause many physical and psychological disorders to which hundreds if not thousands of peer review medical articles and books have been written. Please if you or your family member suffers with mental disease(s) or chronic physical conditions which have had little to no success with convential medical treatment get the proper evaluation by a licensed physician practicing alternative/functional medicine and get these metals out immediately.

Lastly let’s just touch on EMF’s (Electromagnetic Radiation) on human beings. With the advent of the cell phone in the early 1990’s there has been a great increase in mental and physical disease states affecting all human beings on this planet. The WHO (World Health Organization) in 1995 stated that man is now de-evolving vs evolving due to electro smog/exposure. The body is primarily composed of water and minerals which is directly insulted with electro- magnetic radiation. With elevated levels of toxic metals in our bodies we are acting like antennae bringing in this increased electrical energy thus disrupting our total cellular well-being. We are destroying the human race with radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, microwave devices, living close to electric substations, electric power lines, computers and computer screens, and particularly smart meters attached to buildings and homes to monitor electric usage. Since the mid 1990’s pioneers in electro- magnetic radiation exposure have repeatedly stressed the severe consequences of exposure to the human body with this toxic distruction of the physical and emotional wellbeing of humanity.

What are we to do as a race of mammals on this planet? We know that these three issues discussed ever so briefly are some of the major attributing factors to sickness and disease both of the physical and emotional nature. There are other conditions to which could have been discussed but due to time and limited space for publication we had to forgo these conditions.

I highly urge the reader of this article that if you or someone you personally know is plagued with psychological issues OR chronic physical ailments to consider seeking a highly qualified licensed health care provider who deals exclusively in alternative/functional medicine to have a detailed history, evaluation and accurate working diagnosis for their health challenge. We know today in our current medical environment that traditional medical and osteopathic physicians do not delve into these critical issues and in most instances treat symptoms and not the real underlying causes of these emotional/mental and physical health challenges. You can not block and receptor site or shut down an enzymatic reaction with prescription medication and expect any positive results. As a matter of fact most medicines used today for mental illness result in greater side effects of other problems and conditions and successful suicide than if nothing was taken for the condition in the first place.

Dr. Badanek helps patients with brain health in Ocala and soon in Tampa Bay. He prides himself in treating patients that are searching for the answers to their prescription issues and refuse to give up. Many of his patients present with a variety of chronic conditions: hypothyroid, heart disease, diabetes, gastritis, irritable bowel, constipation, autoimmune disease and numerous other issues. To schedule an appointment in Ocala call 352-622-1151, 727-501-5997 in Tampa Bay or email [email protected] for a consultation.

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