Poisoning of the Body by Flouride

The primary reason fluoride began being added into drinking water years ago was to reduce cavities, the general public may not know that fluoride also can injure the nervous system and even cause cancer.

Degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s are possibly linked to bringing fluoridated water. Cancer, behavioral problems, thyroid suppression, male infertility and impotence are also some examples of what may happen to the body when too much fluoride is present. And the combination of fluoride and aluminum is toxic enough that scientists warn about its connection to Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases.

Fluoride will not kill you outright or cause dementia over a short period of time.

But at certain levels it will accumulate in your brain and can lead to a form of degeneration.


A number of fairly recent studies have shown significant damage to many parts of the brain caused by fluoride. One study showed that rats given fluoride while still in the womb became hyperactive, much like what we see in childhood ADHD. New born and adult rats given fluoride reacted much differently; they became “couch potatoes.”

The difference lies in how the brain develops at different ages. In humans, for example, the most rapid brain growth and development occur in the last three months of pregnancy and the first two years after firth. This means the brain is especially susceptible during that time to damage by toxins such as fluoride. Of course, results are determined by when the toxin was first given and for how long, and the dose.

Even more frightening is what one world-renowned scientist discovered: Fluoride can accumulate in the brain. With every drink of water, the fluoride levels in the brain increase—and so does the danger to you.


Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, a leading neurotoxicologist, developed a sophisticated method to study behavioral patterns using a computer. She would photograph interactions of test rats given fluoride and feed the results into a computer program.

Much to her surprise, she discovered that the fluoride was causing significant behavioral problems not only when rats were exposed in the mother’s womb, but also soon after birth and even as adults. Upon examining seven areas of the animals’ brains she found that the longer an animal drank fluoridated water, the higher the brain level of fluoride. She also found that a high accumulation of toxins over time reaches levels that always cause brain injury.

Critics charged Dr. Mullenix with using doses of fluoride much higher than people are commonly exposed to. But researchers should know that rats have difficulty absorbing fluoride. In comparing rats to people, the only thing that should be looked at is the blood level; the amount of fluoride in the blood determines the amount of fluoride reaching the brain.

The blood levels in Dr. Mullenix’s rats equaled that seen in humans exposed to fluoride levels approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as safe. Approved levels of fluoride in drinking water are up to 4 parts per million, or 4 ppm.

After presenting her findings to the EPA and National Institute of Dental Health, Dr. Mullenix faced great opposition from colleagues. Fellow scientists who once clamored to use her computerized system now eschewed any communication with her.

Her very expensive computerized behavioral analysis equipment was destroyed by a contrived “accident”. In addition, all of her lab animals were killed and their bodies incinerated.


The number of studies showing significant damage to various parts of the brain continues to grow, most of the studies coming from Mexico, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Canada and England. Very few studies come from labs in the United States, but those that do find fluoride to be very toxic to the brain.

Entities such as National Institutes of Health National Institute of Dental Health are to blame for fewer U.S. studies as they refuse to fund fluoride safety research.

What do we know is that in china, children who drink fluoridated water have power IQ’s than those who don’t. Many villages and cities in China have natural fluoride levels that are high, and Chinese scientists have found a drop of 10 points in IQ in fluoridated cities.

But some challengers say these scientists didn’t account for possible lead exposure, so tests were redone. The Chinese scientists made careful measurements of all factors including lead and fluoride. The end result? They found the same lowering of IQ caused by fluoride in the drinking water.

Mexican studies fared no better. An article in the journal Epidemiology showed that children drinking water with EPA-approved fluoride levels had problems with reading and writing.

Again, care was taken to control for factors that might adversely affect the results. In fact, urine fluoride levels were measured to prove that the greater the fluoride exposure the worse the test results. Note that most cities set fluoride levels in drinking water well below EPA-approved levels.


In the past, medical doctors used fluoride tablets to reduce the activity of overactive thyroid glands (hyperthyroidism). Subsequent studies have found that fluoride also suppresses the activity of the normal thyroid as well, inducing a condition called hypothyroidism or goiter.

A study done in China found that thyroid enlargement was almost 10 times greater in areas with high fluoride levels in the drinking water. Since the thyroid accumulated more fluoride than any other gland, studies were done and confirmed on animals that fluoride in drinking water inhibits the thyroid gland. It gets worse when iodine levels are very low or very high.

Pregnant women with low thyroid function are at a greater risk for their babies having severe mental retardation, thereby impacting the fetuses’ brain development, according to an article published last year in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The article indicates that a child’s mental development was directly related to the mother’s thyroid function during the 12th week of pregnancy. With fluoride’s ability to suppress thyroid function, even mild depression of the thyroid can cause a significant increase in the incidence of mental retardation in children in fluoridated communities. This may explain the finding of significant increases in Down syndrome in fluoridated communities.


Reduced sperm counts and infertility in men who work in cryolite (50% fluoride) and aluminum factories have been reported. Supporting evidence shows that fluoride added to the drinking water of experimental animals causes significant reductions in sperm counts, lower testosterone levels and a dramatic increase in abnormal, mutated sperm. This has been shown in many animal species as well as in humans. Male fertility has been hampered by free-radical generation in the areas of the testes that produce sperm. This could explain not only infertility in many men living in fluoridated areas but also genetic defects in their offspring should they be able to conceive, especially those with higher intakes of fluoride.

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