The Relationship of the Spine and Direct Effects

The Relationship of the Spine and Direct Effects On the Organs and Skeleton

By: Dr. Michael Badanek DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, MRGS./CHEV.
There is a very seriously overlooked system when patients come to physicians offices with health challenges. Most physicians have an impossible time trying to diagnosis a patient who has health challenges due to referral of symptoms generated from spinal dysfunction or other related sources such a scars, dental dysfunction biomechanically or disease, toxicity issues and finally nutritional deficiencies. There are two major issues that need to be addressed which are Viscerosomatic Referral and Somatovisceral Referral syndromes. Typically, most patients that go to a physician’s office are treated for symptoms based conditions and may times are misdiagnosed due to more complicated issues which are chronically underlying. It takes a very special health care provider to differentiate and provide an accurate working diagnosis to relieve or totally eradicate the patients subjective complaints.

So just what is a Viscerosomatic Reflexive Complaint? Basically, it is an organ or organ system which has a health challenge that is sending back messages to the spinal, resulting in spinal pain and dysfunction. A well known example is pain in the left chest, neck, and arm referred pain triggered by the inflamed nerves of the heart from an impending myocardial infarction (heart attack). If there is liver and gallbladder dysfunction the referral generates right neck and right shoulder pain. If there is chronic pain in the middle to lower middle back (thoracic spine) you must consider an upper gastrointestinal issue with the stomach, pancreas and small intestine. We could elaborate on this topic with many more proven examples, however suffice it to say that Viscerosomatic Complaints are real and many times over looked by physicians.



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