Sick Care vs Wellness/Corrective Care

“SICK CARE” vs “WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE” You Choose What’s Best for You!
By: Dr. Michael Badanek BS, DC, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, CTTP, MSGR./CHEV.

With all of the changes in the insurance industry, making your health care work for you is more important than ever before. With the enactment of Obama Care we the American consumers are paying more for insurance and getting far less than we expect from our health care providers.

We currently have SICK CARE, not WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE in America today. Last year Americans spent $2.8 trillion dollars on healthcare. That is approximately $8,000 per person in this country. So does this mean we are all healthy and living to our fullest capacity?

Absolutely NOT! In fact, we lead the world in heart disease, obesity and cancer. It has been estimated by medical scientific studies that 5 out of 6 Americans will be diagnosed with either Cancer or Heart disease in their life time.

If we were spending the most money in healthcare in the world and had the healthiest people, then all the money spent would be worth it. But we are spending the most money than any other country/countries and have the unhealthiest people. In a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, of the 37 different developed countries in the world the United States of America ranked 37th (DEAD LAST) in terms of overall health of the population.

So Where is all the Money being spent in Health Care?

When we go to our doctor when we are sick or in pain, we get prescriptions to help with our presenting symptoms. What do we do when that medication has a side effect or no longer works? We go back and get more different medications to treat the side effect of the first medication prescribed or get a new medication. You cannot effectively treat any underlying condition by masking symptoms by taking medication. Remember, 90+% of all medications have two specific tasks; that is to block a receptor site on a cell membrane OR change or shut down an enzymatic reaction in the cell or the liver. This is what we call today as “SICK CARE” in America. Blocking or suppressing symptoms and not getting to the root causes of the disease. It is a fact that 80% of all health care expenditures are in the last 30 days of life. Those statistics are absolutely frightening to note the waste and unnecessary billing expenditures for the terminally patients are bankrupting the American healthcare system.

Americans make up roughly 5% of the world’s total population, yet we consume 85% of the world’s medication. You would think that if properly prescribed medications made you healthy then we would be the healthies nation on the planet? That is far from the truth! We had 1.1 million Americans die last year because of medications and these are not street drugs like heroin or other illegal drugs. These are from properly prescribed medications for the right conditions being treated, the right amount and for the right time.

What the other culprits that waste large sums of money such as nursing homes and cancer treatment centers? We have so many sick and ailing people in our population that we are seeing more and more long-term nursing facilities coming into existence. People may be living longer, BUT we are not living better.

The focus on wellness needs to change. We cannot be Okay with a health care system that has no regard for health. It is time to take the focus off of “SICK CARE” and focus on “WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE.” And that responsibility relies specifically on you! You hold the keys of health and wellness not your doctor or health care facility.

Let’s that two cases in point to help you understand the gravity of “SICK CARE” VS “WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE.“

Case in point Number One: High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). We the American consumer sees their health care provider who suffers with high blood pressure. Classically they are given antihypertensive and heart medications, which usually taken for the rest of their life. (SICK CARE) Never are those same patients ever diagnosed as to why they have the condition, nor addressing and treating the causes. (WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE)

Case in point Number Two: Psychological Disease(s) (Depression, Mood Swings, Personality Issues and etc.) The number one prescribed medications in America today deal with mind altering medications. These medications are prescribed by licensed providers due to subjective complaints of patients. These patients come in and tell the health care provider their symptoms and are given prescribed medication to alter the thought processes and actions of the brain. In most instances the patient will take for the rest of their life. (SICK CARE) Rarely, if ever does the health care provider address the cause/causes of the mental disease by checking neurotransmittors, chemical imbalances of the body, gut issues or mineral deficiencies directly related to proper mental function. (WELLNESS/CORRECTIVE CARE)

A lot of people believe that genetics are to blame for the disease we see in our society today, only 2-5% of degenerative illnesses are actually caused by genetics. So that leaves 95-98% of chronic disease is caused by lifestyle. The foods we eat, the liquids we drink, toxic exposures and the habits we live are the main causes of the increase in disease in this country today.

Our office is focused on HEALTH care. We recognize that health is not just about what you eat and whether or not you exercise. Our office implements maximum Functional/Integrative Health Care encompassing all aspects of clinical and diagnostic means to correctly address your complaints by finding the root cause(s) of your presenting symptoms. We address the body as a whole and not just focusing in on specific symptoms in one part of the body.

We offer full health and wellness care to our patients which excludes drugs, vaccinations and harmful combinations or both. Our goal is to make sure our patients live the healthiest life possible.

Please contact our office and speak directly to Dr. Badanek. Our facility has been in existence for 34+ years serving Marion and surrounding counties with the absolute best in Integrative and Functional Medicine. You can go to our web site at: and read and view the full scope of care we offer the health challenged. Our office number is: 352-622-1151. The call and meeting with the doctor will change your life and mindset on health care issues and approaches of care.


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