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Dr. Michael John Badanek BS, DC, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, DMM, CTTP, MSGR/CHEV

3391 East Silver Springs Blvd. B  Ocala, FL  34470


Welcome to a New Way of Thinking About Your Health.
In active and clinical practice of Functional/Integrative Medicine
for 35 years in the Marion County/ Central Florida.

Dr. Michael John Badanek

Promoter of Alternative Complementary Medicine, Functional Medicine, 4 Board Certifications in  Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathic, Naturopathic Medicine and Ecclesiastical Medicine.
Certified Traditional Tribal Practitioner (CTTP) 2015
Now certified in Applied Kinesology and Quintessential Application of Applied Kinesology

Business Hours
Monday:9:30am-1:00pm, 3:30pm-6:00pm
Thursday:9:30am-1:00pm, 3:30pm-6:00pm

How is Dr Badanek is different from other Doctors?

  • He listens for your unique "clues"
  • His nutritional experience can help expose hidden deficiencies
  • His program is naturally "anti-aging"
  • Chiropractic Physician
  • Promoter of Alternative Natural Medicine
  • Functional Medicine and Complete Manual Medicine
  • 4 Board Certifications in Clinical Nutrition,  Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine
  • Now certified in Applied Kinesology and Quintessential Application of Applied Kinesology
  • State of the art in Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Clinical Laboratory Services (Traditional and Functional)

What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine is an integrative, science-based approach to healthcare. The focus is on patient-centered care. Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats individuals who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances, and dysfunctions. Using scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing, and treatments other than drugs or surgery, Functional Medicine restores balance in the body's primary physiological processes.

Education is the key!
Many normal looking people are nutritionally deficient, overwhelmed with toxins and full of inflammation. Everyday they contribute to their health problems by increasing the acid level of their bodies and not getting enough water. Dr. Badanek strives to educate his patients about the vital things that they can do to improve their health on a daily basis.
If you knew more about your body would treat yourself better?

Conditions Treated:

Integrative/Functional Medicine Practice     
  • Joint Sprains and Strains
  • Low Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Herniated and Buldging Disks in the Neck
  • Herniated and Buldging Disks in the Low Back
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Coccyx Injury and Pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Balance Problems
  • Plantar Fasciitis

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